Warehouse Relocation


Here at United Racking, we know the stresses that can come with a relocation of Pallet Racking. 

We have broken down a few simple things to consider before relocating, in the hopes it makes your relocation a smooth one. 

Before making the big decision to relocate your Pallet Racking, make sure you have a firm plan at hand, a realistic time frame to work with, trusted team members or recommended hired help to assist with the relocation and good communication, relocation is a big job, having that communication is key, especially when you have more people than usual on site and keeping them all safe.

Prior to the big relocation into the new premises it would be beneficial to have the final design lay out for your Pallet Racking system finalised, we understand that things pop up out of the blue, layout’s change un-expectedly and other circumstances beyond your control, however having a layout already finalised will be a great help as when your previous Pallet Racking is in the new Warehouse it becomes harder to move things around. This is also where having a realistic time frame comes in handy! 

Our Team at United Racking have the knowledge and the capability of relocating your Pallet Racking and Shelving safety and in a timely manner. 

Call our friendly staff today and have a chat in regards to the relocation of your Pallet Racking today. 

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