Starter (Single) 900mm 4L

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Light Duty Cantilever “Starter Bay”

Profile: Single Sided
Height: 2500mm
Width: 1380mm
Arm Length: 900mm (200kg UDL)
Pick Levels: 4 (Base & 3 Arm Levels)

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Light Duty Cantilever “Starter Bay”

Light Duty Cantilever is the perfect solution to storing long and bulky items when traditional racking is just not suitable. The clever design removes the need for vertical frames that limit your storage capabilities and results in a clear run allowing you to store any length you need. You can have a single standalone bay or join multiple bays together giving you an endless run of Cantilever Racking

This “Starter Bay” of Single Sided Cantilever Racking includes:
2x Uprights Frames that are 2500mm(H).
6x Cantilever Arms 900mm(L) with a 200kg capacity (UDL).
6x End Stoppers that fit in the arms to secure stock
3x Horizontal Bracing Beams 1200mm(L).

It will have four (4) picking levels made up of the base plus three (3) Arm Levels.
The external length of the bay will be 1380mm.

Product Specifications

Style Starter Bay
Height 2500mm
Arm Length 900mm
Arm Load Capacity 200kg
Arm Levels 3
Picking Levels 4

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