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Premium Quality Pallet Racking

Premium Quality Pallet Racking.

You can only call your Pallet Racking a “Premium Product” if you can back it up with facts… so we thought you may like to know a few things about our Premium Pallet Racking.

Over the years Pallet Racking has been subject to a lot of changes and the introduction of the Australian Standard has made sure the industry is doing everything it can to supply quality products.

United Racking, unlike some other racking suppliers, love the new Australian Standard (AS4048-2012) and we were over the moon when it was introduced in 2012 because it means everyone would be supplying, and installing to the same standard. This has got rid of a few of the cowboys that may have been out there cutting corners and supplying cheap “not so premium” Pallet Racking Adelaide.

We have literally travelled the world to source a premium product and our national buying power means we can supply it at astonishing prices to the Australian Market.

Not only did we find the best product we could but we then had it tested, right here in Australia, by an engineering company dedicated to Pallet Racking. This was to make sure that it complies with every facet of the Australia Standard.

Here are a few facts that make United Racking stand out from others:

Assembled Frames:

United Racking pre-assembles all our frames before they go out, right here in Australia too!!

You don’t need to do up a single nut or bolt, and more importantly you know it has been assembled correctly and all the bracing is exactly where it needs to be.

We don’t charge anything for this service as we feel it is the best thing we can do to make sure your racking is built exactly how it is meant to be. Some other companies will charge you for this service, but that won’t happen when buying from United Racking.

Frame Material:

Many upright frames in the market are produced with 1.5mm or 1.8mm steel. This is fine, and presumable they have been tested, but at United Racking we get ours made with a heavy duty 2.0mm thick steel.

The advantage of the heavier frames means you have an increased load capacity which means you may be able to add extra levels if required and, more importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing that your structure is safe, strong and built to last!

Along with the thicker frame material we also use a pre-galv material, this increases the lifespan and durability of the frame. In the old days Pallet Racking System was always powder coated blue which can be seen in almost every old warehouse. The problem with the powder coated finish is that it is powder coated over a raw material and when it’s scratched, or if the powder coating chips away, this leaves the raw material open to the elements and susceptible to corrosion and rust.

Base Plates:

There is nothing more important than how your frame is secured to the floor.

The new Australia Standard solved one of the more common problems in this area by stipulating that every base plate must be secured with no less than two anchors…. far better than the older and less secure method of 1 anchor per base plate. United Racking supply 2 anchors with every bases plate (4 with each assembled frame)

This is great but one thing it has not changed is the design of the base plates. Some frames on the market have a light duty base plate that is made from a folded piece of steel and bolts to the inside the frame. We have taken this to the next level!! our base plates have been upgraded to be heavier duty and more durable. These are solid welded plate that wraps tightly around the outside of the frame and is considerably stronger than the lighter duty base plate we often see in the market. All our Pallet Racking frames. They are kind of like wearing steel-capped boots rather than sneakers.

Beam Profile:

Over the years there have been many different beam profiles introduced into the market. In most cases, these have been to cut costs in production and increase profits. United Racking has a “Box Beam Profile” because it is the strongest and safest in the market. The advantage of the box beam is that it reduces beam deflection from all angles not just the downforce of the load.

We often see different designs, like C-Chanel’s or I-Beam profiles and they are not designed to take any impact other than a downward force. The reduced beam deflection you can achieve with a box beam is incomparable to other profiles making it the best and safest beam profile on the market.

Beam Connection:

The way in which a Pallet Racking Beam connects with the Upright Frame is one of the most important factors in the strength and stability of the entire structure. All Selective Pallet Racking is designed with a hooking mechanism that locks into the frame … but not all are the same.

Going back a few years Pallet Racking Beams had a 3 hook connection. Smarter companies then realized 4 hooks is better than 3 so 4 hooks have become the new industry standard. United Racking has gone to the next level and we have 5 hook locking mechanisms making our beam connections ridiculously strong and, we believe, the best in the industry.

Safety Locking Pins:

Now that you have the perfect Pallet Racking system in place there is just one more thing that is vital to making sure everything is safe, and in line with the Australia Standard. Every beam must have 2 locking pin’s installed that lock the beam in position on the frame.

The locking pins are designed to stop the beam from being dislodged by mistake and are also a foolproof way of making sure your beam is correctly mounted to the frame. If the locking pin does not fit, then the beam has been incorrectly installed and will require adjustment. All United Racking Beam is supplied with 2 safety locking pins as standard or they can be purchased individually in case you have some that get lost over time.


With all these changes we’ve made to provide a Warehouse Pallet Racking system there is one more thing that makes our system stand out from the crowd. We have increased the number of holes in our frames allowing the beam levels to be adjusted at increments of 50mm.

Older profiles were only adjustable at 76mm increments. This does not sound like a big difference but it could be a difference that means you get an extra beam level in, or have your beams set up exactly where you want them. This change has not increased, or decreased, the strength of the racking system it has simply made it better for our customers and is now a standard across all our Pallet Storage Systems.

When purchasing from United Racking you’re not just getting a product that meets and exceeds the latest Australian Standards you are buying a “Premium Pallet Racking System” designed and manufactured to the highest quality and specifications. You are buying quality-assured, peace of mind.




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