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Selective Pallet Racking is the most common, and in most cases the most cost affective warehouse storage system available. It’s typically designed to store pallets but can be adapted to suit almost any product. By adding some wire decking or timbers boards you can create handy shelves for storing boxes or nonpalletised stock. Want some storage for long timbers, thats easy, you just add add some Fork Entry Bars and away you go.

The design of Pallet Racking is quite simple, it basically consists of Upright Frames and Horizonal Beams. The Upright Frame holds the Beams in palce and the Beams support your load. The design of your racking system is a bit more complex, but dont worry thats what were are here for. We know all the technical stuff thats required to make sure your Racking Sytsem is not only safe but it also meets the Australian Standards. We will make sure you have the right beams, at the right levels, in the right uprights so you know your load will be safe.

We love to chat about united racking so give us a call and we can help you out with your rack, or if you know what your looking for but just want a bit more information then your in the right place

UNITED RACKING - Pallet Racking Frames

United CodeFrame HeightFrame DepthLoad CapacityPre-Assembled
PRU-2500-8382500mm838mm (Standard)9000kgYes
PRU-3000-8383000mm838mm (Standard)9000kgYes
PRU-3600-8383600mm838mm (Standard)9000kgYes
PRU-4200-8384200mm838mm (Standard)9000kgYes
PRU-4800-8384800mm838mm (Standard)9000kgYes
PRU-5800-8385800mm838mm (Standard)9000kgYes
PRU-6100-8386100mm838mm (Standard)9000kgYes
PRU-7500-8387500mm838mm (Standard)9000kgYes
PRU-2500-8382500mm1218mm (Extra Wide)9000kgYes
PRU-3000-8383000mm1218mm (Extra Wide)9000kgYes
PRU-3600-8383600mm1218mm (Extra Wide)9000kgYes
PRU-4200-8384200mm1218mm (Extra Wide)9000kgYes
PRU-4800-8384800mm1218mm (Extra Wide)9000kgYes
PRU-5800-8385800mm1218mm (Extra Wide)9000kgYes
PRU-6100-8386100mm1218mm (Extra Wide)9000kgYes
PRU-7500-8387500mm1218mm (Extra Wide)9000kgYes

UNITED RACKING - Pallet Racking Beams

Untitled_Artwork 3
United CodeBeam LengthBeam ProfileLoad CapacityAU Certified
PRB-1372-751372mm75mm x 45mm1550kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-1829-751829mm75mm x 45mm1530kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-2591-902591mm90mm x 45mm1550kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-2591-1102591mm110mm x 45mm2440kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-2591-1302591mm130mm x 45mm3150kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-2591-1502591mm150mm x 45mm4400kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-2743-902743mm90mm x 45mm1360kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-2743-1102743mm110mm x 45mm2177kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-2743-1302743mm130mm x 45mm3058kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-2743-1502743mm150mm x 45mm4070kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-3048-1103048mm110mm x 45mm1696kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-3048-1303048mm130mm x 45mm2462kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-3048-1503810mm150mm x 45mm3319kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-3810-1303810mm130mm x 45mm1522kg (UDL)Yes
PRB-3810-1503810mm150mm x 45mm2038kg (UDL)Yes
PRSB-1829-Step1829mm75mm x 50mm x 25mm1000kg (UDL)Yes
PRSB-2591-Step2591mm75mm x 50mm x 25mm750kg (UDL)Yes

UNITED RACKING - Pallet Racking Accessories

United CodeDescription (for pricing & information please click on the product description)
PR-LSSLoad Safety Sign that mounts to the upright frame and shows the certified load capacities
PR-UPUU-Shaped Frame Protection designed to protect the frame fro impact
PR-UPLL-Shaped Frame Protection designed to protect the frame fro impact
PR-SHIMShim Plates are an easy way to level you Upright Frames during installation
PR-WDWired Decking, the perfect hand storage solution in pallet racking
PR-FEBConvenient storage solution for storing bulky products not on pallets
PR-TSBTimber Support Bars are designed to support timber boards when on Pallet Racking
PR-ZCLIPZ-Clip’s are the easy way to mount timber board to pallet racking beams (light duty only)
PR-PB18mm Particle Board Shelves are available in various sizes to suit your requirements
PR-MDF25mm MDF Board Shelves are available in various sizes to suit your requirements
PR-FBMFall Barrier Mesh creates a safety barrier between stock and high traffic areas
PR-CASTORUniversal Castor Wheel, perfect to make a fixed workbench mobile
PR-CASTOR-BRKCastor Wheel Bracket designed specifically for United Racking frame profiles
PR-DIVARMDivider Arms are ideal for vertical storage solution
PR-CAPUpright Frame Safety Cap, the perfect way to finish your rack and cover any sharp edges
PR-CABDRUMCable Drum Brackets are design for horizontal storage of various cables.

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