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Materials Handling Products

Materials Handling is a term used for handling goods and materials within in your Warehouse, Factory, Storage Area – or anything that’s heavy and awkward to move my hand. Material handling can be broken down into to the movement, protection, storage, and control of your goods within your organisation or facility.

Material Handling is an essential component of any successful warehouse, factory etc. Having the correct Materials Handling equipment will ensure smooth operation of your facility and prevent accidents, reducing time and improving your all-round efficiency. 

Material handling equipment is anything you use to help move, lift, protect, store, or control the materials in your facility: Here at United Racking we stock a large amount of Material Handling goods such as:

Pallet Jacks: Here at United racking we have a full range of Pallet Jacks. Standard, Stubby, Euro, Extra Long, Single Wheel and also High Lift jacks. You name it we have the right jack for what you need! 









Ladders: Our Aluminium Platform Ladders come in a range of different heights depending on what you need It for. They are light weight, fold away for easy storage and are on wheels making them super easy to move around your warehouse or job site.


Platform Trolleys: Our light weight, compact folding trolleys are perfect for handling goods and stock in front and back off house. They come in a range of convenient sizes! Large and Small. 

Order Picking Trolleys: These economical order picking trolleys are super easy to use, they have super quiet wheels, can be used anywhere in any environment. Perfect for picking orders, carrying tools, or just floating around in your workshop

Heavy Duty Trolleys: Warehouse Trolleys have too many uses to list, they’re perfect in the workshop, warehouse, storeroom. Pretty much anywhere. 


Speciality Lifting: Take the strain out of loading and unloading items from raised levels with a Single Scissor Lift Table. Ideal for workshops, warehouses, and despatch departments. We have two convenient sizes available, 300kg lifting to 900mm and the bigger 350kg option with the double scissor action giving it a lift height of a massive 1500mm.


Here at United Rackling our Materials Handling all come with an outstanding warranty, not that you’ll ever need to use it, we have scoured the world to find you the best quality and most reliable products on the market! 

Our Pallet Jacks come with heavy duty Polyurethane Wheels (not nylon) durable and making for a comfy ride, also featuring fully cast hydraulics making these less likely to leak or crack! Our Ladders are fully welded, Lightweight, strong aluminium construction with spring loaded castors! And the list goes on! 

Our friendly Team at United Racking are always here to help and can help you decide which material handling products are most suitable for your needs, give us a call anytime, we love to chat about this stuff….

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