Longspan shelving is our mid-range storage solution.
It’s designed for fitting into squeezy spots and for holding boxes, parts or anything that is reasonably heavy. It still holds impressive weights of up to 815kg per shelf (and up to 4 tonnes per bay). We hold so many sizes that we challenge you to find a space we can’t fit out to within 20cm.

It is really strong, the steel is top quality, the powder coating is superior to competing systems, the base plates are thick. All the frames are bolted together because this is stronger than welding.

It All Clicks Together
The only parts that need putting together are the upright frames. It’s a bit of a hassle but we do it for you so don’t worry about that, all you need to do is slot the horizontal beams into the uprights and drop in the particle board shelves in at the levels you chose.

It’s So Modular
We have the biggest range of beam lengths in the country, this is so you can maximise your storage in any available space. Being modular means you can add or remove shelves as you please. The frames have holes 50mm apart so setting the shelf heights is easy, and the options are limitless. We have 4 standard frame heights, 4 frame depths and 7 beam lengths so there is loads of options for you.

Superior Particle Board
We use an “Australian” 18mm thick particleboard as standard for our Longspan Shelves. 18mm will hold greater loads than competing 16mm systems. If you need wire or metal shelves these are also available for a little more.

While our system has superior features, we don’t rip you off on price. We don’t shove the GST on at the end to surprise you, and If you’re working on a large project let us know, we may even be able to help out a bit with the price.


1. Upright Frame:
Supports the Horizontal Beams and determines the overall height.


2. Horizontal Beam:
Mounts to the upright and supports the shelf. The length of the  eam will determin the load capacity of the shelf


3. Safety Locking Pin:
Used to secure the beam to the upright and prevents the beam from being dislodged


4. Base Plate:
Creates the foot of the shelf giving it a solid base, can be bolted to the floor where required.


5. Diagonal & Horizontal Braces:
Used to lock the Upright Frame together making the entire system as solid as a rock. Braces are bolted in the frame, not welded, because its stronger this way.

Choice of Colours:
We have 2 colours available in our range of Longspan shelving. The most popular colour is the “Industrial Grey” but if you looking for something a bit brighter you may prefer our “Off White”. The price is the same, the powder coating is the same, you just get to pick the colour you prefer.

Upright Frames:
Our Upright Frames are awesome, they are thicker than others on the market, the base plates are super heavy duty, the bracing is bolted not welded (they’re stronger like this), they have a three hook beam connector rather than a two hook connector (makes the system more stable) and to top it all off our staff pre-assemble all the the frames here in Australia ready for you to install. That’s right, there is nothing to fix, screw, tighten, or anything… easy ….

With 4 heights and 4 depths in our our range we are sure to have a suitable size for your needs. We have 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm & 4000mm high frames in stock and they can be 400mm, 600mm, 800mm or 1200mm deep. That works out to be 16 standards size frames (or 32 if we include the 2 colour options) so I am sure we will have a size to suit, if not just have a chat to your local United Racking branch and they will be able to customise a frame for you.

Upright Frame Code Chart
Depth / Height2000mm2500mm3000mm4000mm
400mmLSU20040 LSU25040 LSU30040 LSU40040
600mmLSU20060 LSU25060 LSU30060 LSU40060
800mmLSU20080 LSU25080 LSU30080 LSU40080
1200mmLSU200120 LSU250120 LSU300120 LSU400120
Longspan Beams: With a huge range of beam lengths available, maybe the most in the country, United Racking’s Longspan shelving is so modular that there is no space too big or small to fit out. The beams are designed with 3 hook connectors, safety locking pins and they are built TOUGH… With huge load capacities of up to 815kg (UDL) per shelf, there is not a lot you cant store on our Longspan. The beams are built with an 18mm step to suit our Galvanised, Wire or Particle Board shelves.
Beam Length900mm1200mm1500mm1800mm2000mm2400mm3000mm
Capacity (UDL)815kg793kg635kg529kg471kg327kg209kg


When measuring to see what size Longspan system is best for you, there are four important measurement you will need to know


(1) Height: This is the distance from the floor to the top of the Upright Frame, how high would you like the frame to be?


(2) Depth: This is the front to back measurement, how deep would you like the shelves to be?


(3) Length: The distance from the left side to the right side, how wide would you like the shelving to be? To work out the length of the bay you need to allow an extra 60mm per Upright Frame, and the length of the beams. For example if you have a standalone bay with 1500mm long beams, the external length of the bay will be about 1620mm. This works out to be the beam length (1500mm) plus 2 frames that you need to allow 60mm each for (2x 60mm = 120mm) If you were adding a bay to an existing bay, (Add On Bay) you would need to allow for the beam length and 1 frame, this means the “Add On Bay” will be about 1560mm externally.. If this is all a tricky to
work out, don’t worry, just give us a call and we will work it out for you.

(4) Load Capacity This is how much weight you are likely to have on each shelf. If you are storing heavy items you may need a shorter beam to get a higher load capacity, if you storing light items you can use the longer beams that have a smaller load capacity. When you are considering the load capacity that you will need on each shelf you will need to allow for the weight to be evenly distributed over the shelf. We call this the Uniformly Distributed Load or “UDL”

Longspan Configurations

Longspan is our most modular racking system, there are literally thousands of combinations so we can design the perfect set up for your needs. It’s pretty simple but if your a bit unsure just give us a call and we can go over the design with you. The first bay “Starter Bay” will require 2 Upright Frames plus as many shelves as you would like, then you just join bays on “Add on Bays” to reach the desired run length. Each “Add on Bay will only require 1 Upright Frame because it will join the existing Frame from your Starter Bay. Here are two examples showing a Single Bay “Stand Alone Bay” and a Run of 3 joining bays

1 Bay
1x “Starter Bay”

Run of 3 Bays
1x “Starter Bay” and 2x “Add on Bays”

Being so modular means you can come up with some pretty crazy designs to suit any situation. Here is an example showing a combination of different beam lengths, shelf heights and its even got a handy workbench built in. The possibilities are endless with Longspan…

Run of 4 Bays
1x “Starter Bay” and 3x “Add on Bays” with various shelf  ptions

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