Design and Knowledge

Design & Knowledge

United Racking staff have all the knowledge and experience required to design the perfect system for your needs. Our knowledge in design will be the key to maximising your storage solutions. With so much to consider when designing the perfect storage solution it can get a bit daunting, so why not let us do the work for you.

Usable Space

The key to successfully planning your new warehouse setup, or extending and existing system starts with working out your usable area. We will need to consider both the floor space and also the vertical space. When we know the are you have to work with, we can now start planning your perfect storage system

Storage Requirements

Before we begin the design of your ideal storage solution, we first need to understand the products that need to be stored. The physical size of the pallets or boxes will determine the style of racking but we also need to consider the weight so that the load ratings are within capacity. Along with what your storing, we also need to know how your going to access the products, do you have a Walkie Stacker or Forklift, what is your maximum lift height, what is the turning circle of your forklift (needed to determine aisle spacing)

Planning For Growth

When planning the ideal system we need to consider the future growth of your company. Planning for the future could save you a lot of money if you get it right in the beginning. It may be a simple as supplying Upright Frames higher than you need now, but allowing for extra levels to be added later, or leaving room on a run so that an extension down the track is easy. Smart planning for the future is paramount to a professionally designed storage system.

Safety In Mind

The importance of “Safe Zones” is the key to designing a safe work environment. If you have an area that requires racking but backs onto a pedestrian pathway, we will be able to let you know how we can make the system safe, it could be as simple as installing backing mesh, or designing the system to avoid the area. Safety is always a high consideration when designing your Storage System.

Maximizing Storage

This is where the experience of a United Racking designer is worth its weight in gold. After determining the Space, Requirements Growth and Safety, we will know what is the best solution and how it should be setup. The most common mistake we see in the industry is when an inexperience person has designed a system that takes up loads of space and would have cost heaps more than it should have. Simply making sure your beam levels are set to suit your pallets can be the difference between not having enough storage and maximizing you storage requirements. Your United Racking designer will know what best and go over all the options with you

Let Us Do The Work For You

That’s what we are here for, we love to design the perfect storage solution. Whether it’s a back shed or brand new warehouse give us a call, send us an email or drop into you local United Racking Branch and we can get the ball rolling. We don’t charge you to pick our brains for knowledge, we know if we can help you out we are one step closer to having you as another valued customer.

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